Earlier today, I decried (that’s ┬áright, decried) the lack of practical effects in the trailer for Phantasm V: Raveger. You’ll hear no such complaints from me when it comes to Wolf Cop.

I’m a strong advocate against what I call, “word salad screenwriting.” That is to say, I think movies like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter sound like they were conceived by a stroke victim, with as much cogent thought put behind them as that might entail. That’s actually a little disingenuous though, because I often find those kind of movies to be cynically calculated. Nerd bait, even. This though, this looks like fun.

While I haven’t ruled out the possibility of this being nerd bait, it feels like the kind of movie that’ll take advantage of its lack of studio involvement and deliver something special. That’s sadly rare in the world of low budget filmmaking these days.

Below is a brief, making-of video that explains the origins of the project. In it, you’ll find out what you already may have expected: this movie is Canadian!