Relax, it’s not Fox rolling out another lousy sequel to The Hills Have Eyes, but I suppose there’s the possibility the following may be just as bad; The Hills Run Red, Dark Castle’s latest production – you know, the folks that gave us such legendary fare as Thirteen Ghosts, 2001Ghost Ship, and House of Wax, 2005 - are shoring things up in the casting department; Sophie Monk (a more inappropriate surname she could not have), Tad Hilgenbrinck and William Sadler are joining the cast.

The premise focuses on a film fiend whose unhealthy obsession with tracking down a complete print of an infamous slasher flick leads him and two of his buds into the backwoods where the film was shot. Of course, they realize too late that filming never ended — and now they must survive a nightmarish siege or become part of the movie forever.

Thankfully, there’s some hope for quality on this project since David J. Schow co-penned the script from a story by John Dumbrow and John Carchietta. Then again, look at how The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning turned out (don’t worry, Dave, I know you were rewritten extensively on that one). Dave Parker’s calling the shots.

Production is currently underway in Hollywood’s current location of choice to take advantage of slave labor, Sofia, Bulgaria.