American SpectacleFor Lionsgate, finding the star of your next horror film is a lot like finding a wife for a midget.

And just as Fox helped a certain littlest groom find true love, VH1 will help Lionsgate find the star of their next horror film.

Scream Queens, a new reality series where ten actresses compete for a role in a future horror film from Lionsgate, is joining VH1’s lineup this fall, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Reality television fulfills so many needs.

If it weren’t for reality TV, there might not even be a next Pussycat Dolls album. Think about that for a minute or two.

Where else can you grab a Mountain Dew, order up a pizza, rip into a bag of Doritos, and relax with shows that not only entertain, but also, in the case of fitness shows like Celebrity Fit Club and The Biggest Loser, satisfy America’s growing demand for programs focusing on real-life issues that matter to them, like eating properly and exercising.

Lionsgate President of TV Programming and Production Kevin Beggs knows that somewhere between all of VH1’s reality hits lies the perfect slot for Scream Queens. Who wouldn’t want to be the meat in a Brett Michaels and Flavor “Flavor Flav” Flavor sandwich?

“VH1 has had a tremendous track record in launching alternative programming that captures viewers’ imaginations — it’s the perfect home for ‘Scream Queens,'” said Beggs.

And Scream Queens is the perfect way to cast a movie. While the film that will reap the benefits of this new casting method has not been announced yet, it will surely be an amazing piece of cinematic beauty.

Until now, Lionsgate films like See No Evil only felt like they were cast using contestants from a game show.

Scream Queens premieres this fall on VH1.