I love Prometheus, warts and all. Yes, it had a liberal sprinkling of dumb, but goddamnit I love when Ridley Scott makes icky monster movies. You can’t deny the power of the squid baby, folks. I just about squeezed out a squid baby of my own when I got the news that a sequel was finally moving forward.

Last we had heard, Transcendence writer Jack Paglen had written a draft of a Prometheus sequel, but that was months ago. Then, a few days ago, Ridley Scott suddenly had a mystery project slated for 2016. Today, it was announced that this mystery project was indeed a Prometheus sequel, and that we would be seeing it in March of 2016. I’d love to be jumping for joy right now, but there’s been another development that has me worried.

The script has been handed off to Green Lantern writer Michael Green. Yeah, that Green Lantern. For what it’s worth, Green is the guy who’s been helping Ridley Scott on his new Blade Runner project, so I guess the two of them get along pretty well. I’m sure some of you are just relieved that Damon Lindelof won’t be coming anywhere near this flick.

The one thing that has me really intrigued is the release month: March. The first Prometheus hit US theaters in June, in hopes that the film would be a summer sci-fi hit. It did remarkably well as an R-rated genre film, pulling in over four hundred million bucks worldwide. But the movies we see in March aren’t the kind of flicks that get released in summer. They’re not expected to make as much money. So this has me wondering: is the scale of the film smaller than the first? Is the production budget lower? Is it more horror, less ponderous, grandiose sci-fi? There are rumors swirling that this could be the case. What would you want to see in Prometheus 2?