Earlier today, 20th Century Fox released a new theatrical trailer for Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. In this latest glimpse of the film, we finally get a decent look at the film’s post-apocalyptic storyline, featuring a sleek new X-Jet, and futuristic Sentinels. Does it look any better than the previous dreary-ass trailer we got a few months back? Yeah, but only slightly. We finally get a good shot of Peter Dinklage, and there’s some action sequences that look promising. I’m not sold yet, but I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of this flick. Frankly, I’m still kinda pissed off that Matthew Vaughn left the project, because he gave the whole franchise a shot of adrenaline. First Class easily became my favorite of the series, followed closely by¬†James Mangold’s surprisingly intimate¬†The Wolverine.

In addition to the trailer, there’s also a new poster available for your eyeballs.


We’ll still be wary of this one until it drops on May 23.