Box-office analysis of the latest Indiana Jones movie has been assiduously tabulated, and the results are clear. Spinsters, shut-ins and registered nurses love it, so Harrison Ford is going to act accordingly. For his next trick, he’ll face off against rare genetic disorders. It’s for the children!

What Happens In Vegas director Tom Vaughn is in talks to direct Ford in Crowley, a story about John and Aileen Crowley, parents of children with a genetic disorder, who turned to a research scientist (Ford) working on a possible cure. He’ll build a firewall…in your body.

The script (by Robert Nelson Jacobs) is based on a Wall Street Journal article and the book that followed. This could be the first production for the new CBS Films led by former Sony VP of production Amy Baer, who helped transition the project from Sony to her new studio. With Ford in the lead, she might want to think about changing the title unless she plans to ape Newmarket’s Passion of the Christ marketing by showing the film to black masses.