Rubicon-GN-CoverFrom the creative duo of Chris McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Way of the Gun, Jack Reacher) and Mark Long (Shrapnel, Silence of Our Friends) comes RUBICON: a gritty new contemporary military-action- thriller franchise that examines the very real shadow world of NCO operatives and clandestine special forces operating inside US territories.

In this live action prequel to last year’s critically acclaimed graphic novel, ‎MIKE, a seasoned Navy Seal turned fixer, and SMASH, his loyal ex-CIA partner (whose agency connections allow them to operate in  secrecy and with relative impunity) must face their greatest challenge yet: a disturbing alliance between a powerful Mexican Drug Cartel and the Japanese Yakuza. With multiple branches of US  intelligence watching their every move and two of the largest crime syndicates in the world working in collusion against them, Mike and Smash will either succeed in their mission to dismantle this  dangerous new empire or die trying.

I love where the world is going with entertainment, because when legitimate filmmakers embrace the web more it only opens doors. Especially things like this, which attempt to deliver something polished on a small budget but not be hamstrung by it. Inspired by Japanese cinema, Rubicon has a lot of potential. Especially if given a chance to shine. A few friends of mine are involved and I’m rooting for them. Hope you dig it.