Since Pixar announced several years’ worth of movies a couple months back, we’ve heard one question over and over: what happened to John Carter of Mars? Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ 1917 novel Princess of Mars and subsequent John Carter books in which Civil War vet John Carter is transported to Mars, where lower gravity gives him great strength, the studio has been rumored to be on the project for many months, with the story seemingly confirmed  multiple times. The latest positive word came when Wall-E director Andrew Stanton and writer Mark Andrews visited the Burroughs archives last year. Yet the omission in Pixar’s slate announcement cast doubt in the faithful.

Andrew Stanton has been making the rounds promoting Wall-E, and in Toronto last week he confirmed to The Pixar Blog that he is currently writing John Carter of Mars.  That’s all there is to the news at the moment. We’ll see what else can be dragged out of Stanton with respect to his approach (an animated/live action mix is the current word) as the summer goes on.