Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Kung Fu Panda $60,000,000 $14,584 $60,000,000
2 You Don’t Mess with the Zohan $40,000,000 $11,554 $40,000,000
3 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull $22,805,000 (-49.0%) $5,442 $253,026,000
4 Sex and The City $21,310,000 (-62.6%) $6,409 $99,269,000
5 The Strangers $9,289,000 (-55.8%) $3,750 $37,646,000
6 Iron Man  $7,522,000 (-44.5%) $2.566 $288,893,000
7 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian $5,527,000 (-56.5%) $1,803 $125,846,000
8 What Happens in Vegas $3,400,000 (-49.1%) $1403 $72,230,000
9 Baby Mama $779,000 (-64.5%) $844 $57,904,000
10 Made of Honor $775,000 (-59.5%) $1,047 $44,660,000

This just in: Eats: Shoots: Leafs.  

With Summer season in full gear, and kids littering out of school, the triumph of Kung Fu Panda should shock no one. Seeing as how Speed Racer didn’t excite the them, and Prince Caspian didn’t do any heavy lifting, that Kung Fu Panda might get get to $200 Million all depends on how much ass-kicking it can do between now and a certain Pixar film to be named later. Adam Sandler s proved that his audience is Pavlovian, which is good when a film as entertaining as Zohan comes along and kicks you in the face with awesome.

The real baby mama drama came in places 3 and 4 (no, not Baby Mama, baby mama drama) as Indy held over Sex. Seeing as how Indy was overestimated by a mil last weekend, there’s reasons to believe this number might move down some come tomorrow. It’s almost shocking that a film at 99 Million (and four bitches ain’t one) didn’t just lie its way to the nine digit territory. How is this possible, you might ask yourself. The answer: a jar lubrican, not a jar of lubricant. Indy is going to have to work it to get to $300 if it keeps dropping like it’s hot, which it might squeak to. We shall see.

That said, The Strangers is a huge success, and Iron Man will – without question – get to $300 Mil at this point. That’s huge, especially considering that Caspian won’t get to half that. Vegas doubled its production cost. I hate. You.

Next week should be fun if The Happening does a cannonball that turns to a belly flop. If we hate it when our friends become successful, then there’s nothing like hubris rewarded with pavement.