“We know from studying the marketing of movies, people really want to know everything that they are going to see before they go see the movie. It’s just one of those things. What I relate it to is McDonald’s. The reason McDonald’s is a tremendous success is that you don’t have any surprises. You know exactly what its going to taste like. Everybody knows the menu”
– Robert Zemeckis

So here’s your Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese courtesy of Universal. And Tony Stark’s</spoiler> cameo in The Incredible Hulk is no longer a surprise to anyone (TV spot via TheMovieBox.net). If you’re a basketball fan, I’d advise that you skip every commercial break during tomorrow’s Game Two of the NBA Finals, as I’ve a feeling this might run once or twice.

Of course, most of us knew that this cameo was coming; we just didn’t know how it’d play. Now we do. Tracking for The Incredible Hulk has improved significantly over the last week, so I’m surprised they’d drop this moment in an ad prior to the release of the film. It feels like a second week spot.

I must admit that I like the bit in which Banner thinks better of skipping the subway, but I’d much rather see him Hulk out whilst trying to navigate the stop-n-gawk tourists who clog up the sidewalks in and around Times Square. That would be so very satisfying.

(Thanks to reader Brian Henne for passing this along.)