First, I’d like to thank everyone who responded so enthusiastically and compassionately to our initial announcement for the Paul’s Brain Trust screening of Blade Runner: The Final Cut. I know the Prischmans deeply appreciate your generosity of spirit. You guys are incredible. Please keep it coming!

As you know, the Blade Runner screening sold out in less than two days. If you got tickets, wonderful – I’ll see you there! If, however, you found yourself shut out, you’ve still got two days to bid on The Blade Runner Studio Tour hosted by none other than Sir Ridley Scott! For die hard Blade Runner fans (and I know there are a lot of you out there), this is the ultimate; you’ll get to walk the Warner Brothers backlot with one of the greatest directors living today, listen to his anecdotes and ask him anything about the most influential science fiction film since 2001. I’ve had the pleasure to interview Sir Ridley twice, and can’t think of another filmmaker who’s more honest or more forthcoming about his creative process. This is going to be a phenomenal experience.

So get yourself to the eBay page, and start bidding! The tickets are all going for over $400 now; for true Blade Runner fans, I’m sorry, but that’s a bargain. And keep in mind that the auctions close on June 8th.

As noted in the original article, this is not a one-time charity. There will be lots of memorabilia going up for auction in the coming weeks. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated.