Everyone has heard about the Gamestop Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Fallout 3. The weak among us saw the Vault Boy Bobblehead, the Lunch Box, art book and behind the scenes dvd and knew that we were doomed to buy the more expensive pack to get all this schwag.

Things just got worse.

Today Bethesda announced the Survival Edition, exclusive to Amazon. Check out the contents-

You’ll notice that in addition to all the items in the Collector’s Edition we’ve got a life-size replica of the “Pip-Boy 3000″, the wrist-mounted device you use in the game to view menus, among other things. This one as you can see has been modified to be a digital clock.

You can preorder this gigantic set through Amazon here- just beware that it’ll cost you $130. There’s a diary on the official Fallout site that shows what went into creating these awesome items.

How strong are you?