We’re excited to bring you the latest chapter in The Watchmen Journals,
a series of behind the scenes videos that show you the details of the
making of Zack Snyder’s adaptation of the greatest comic book of all

This time we’re getting a look at the stunts in the film,
centering on the prison riot scene. While there’s a guy being dropped
off a balcony, the real focus is on the guy being set on fire – without
wearing a shirt. I don’t know that I would have the balls to have
raging flames lit on my naked skin.

Keep an eye open for a quick cameo by The Big Figure, the midget mob boss and archenemy of Rorschach.

But first, Mr. Zack Snyder:

It’s the 6th again. We’ve spent the last few blogs examining the
details of making Watchmen. So, this month I thought it might be fun to take a
break from all that and just set someone on fire.

- Zack