The post-production schedule on Hancock hasn’t been gentle, so it’s no surprise we haven’t heard much about the proposed Peter Berg version of Dune. Given the number of other projects Berg has lined up, and even with his stated passion for Herbert’s book, I keep expecting to hear that Dune has quietly turned to dust. And until Hancock takes home some cash, it still could.

Regardless, the picture may have a writer: the relatively new Josh Zetumer, the man behind the typewriter on Leonardo DiCaprio’s potential IRA flick The Infiltrator, is in talks to adapt. Zetumer also did some work on Quantum of Solace.

There is zero current word on what Zetumer plans to do with the massive amount of material contained within the novel. For that matter, we don’t know what Berg, producer Kevin Misher and co-producers Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson would like him to turn in. Hancock hits on July 2; if it does well expect some more word by Comic Con.