The trailer is a red band and probably NSFW. Proceed with caution…

This looks like it could be fun. Horror is my favorite genre and slashers in particular are a kind of comfort food for me. They don’t have to be good (which is lucky, because a lot aren’t), they just have to provide the requisite boobs and blood. Give me that and I can usually make it to the end credits (and if I’m really lucky, those credits will include a signature song about the killer, ala Madman). While I’d prefer not to see any boobs in a film populated by underage theater geeks, these kills look gruesome enough to carry me through.

The humor is going to be another story. Your mileage may vary on pseudo-fourth-wall-breaking, but that moment in the trailer where the crowd parts and the little girl asks if its wrong to sing and dance while people are dying straddles a very fine line for me. The one foot in, one foot out approach to most horror comedies feels like a cop out. If you weren’t scared, well, it’s a comedy. If you didn’t  laugh, why would you? It’s a horror movie. Thankfully, this looks closer to Detention than Scream in tone, so we won’t have to suffer through any genre winking. I hope.

Also, is this an in-name-only remake of Michael Soavi’s Stage Fright? There’s no owl-masked killer, though the Kabuki mask is kinda close. This wasn’t really on my radar until this morning, so if anyone knows, please say something in the comments.

Here’s the poster, which I think is pretty lovely.