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Barrett & Jimenez on Such Good People

IAFT Mentor David Michael Barrett reports that his new movie, SUCH GOOD PEOPLE, is just about finished in post, after completing principal photography last summer.

Barrett (Bad Actress), whose class on Non-Scripted Television is a third-term staple at IAFT, serves as screenwriter/producer on this new take on an old-school Hollywood screwball comedy.

Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) and Randy Harrison (Queer as Folk) star as a gay couple who find a million dollars while house-sitting.

The cast boasts an impressive supporting list: Carrie Wiita (Reno 911), comedian Alec Mapa, Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty), Lance Bass (*NSYNC), character actor Rick Overton, Tom Lenk (Cabin in the Woods), and James Urbaniak (Henry Fool).

Scott Wolf (Party of Five) and Broadway’s Kate Reinders (Wicked) also appear, playing celebrity philanthropists who raise money for the orphans of Bhutan.

Barrett enlisted 2013 IAFT graduate Freddy Jimenez to work on the production. Barrett says, “Freddy was our boom operator. He was a real professional, did a great job, and the entire cast and crew loved him. We’re thrilled with how the movie turned out.”

Here’s what Freddy had to say: “Being my first time on a legitimate set in the real world, I couldn’t have hoped for more. It was just terrific working with this team of professionals. I was able to pick up on everybody’s experience. Small group, tight budget, and we got a lot accomplished. It was great to see how everybody got things done on schedule. Without IAFT, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with them.”

The comedy is the latest project from acclaimed indie director Stewart Wade (Coffee Date and Tru Loved). Also on board is veteran indie producer David Avallone.

Such Good People has already achieved significant buzz, with over 30,000 followers across multiple social media platforms. The filmmakers got their initial funding on