Saints Row 2
is gunning for Grand Theft Auto IV right now. They seems to think that their new game will offer you many more opportunities than the one you’ve been playing for the last two months. For myself, and all the other intelligent gamers out there let me just say one word-


The only reason people enjoyed Saints Row in the first place is because it was a competent Grand Theft Auto ripoff, and the first for next gen systems. It really wouldn’t have mattered what game it was to sell decently, as long as it wasn’t horrible. Ok, they did do a couple of cool things, like have a good aiming system, a GPS for your map, and some fun multiplayer, but everything else was second-rate. The boring story did nothing for anyone (can you even remember any plot points from it?) and the lame attempt to rip off the humor from GTA backfired, hard. GTA manages to be funny effortlessly with witty writing (yes, even on the tv inside the game), while the original Saints Row felt like that loser everyone knows that tries just way too hard to be cool. You might laugh here and there but only because you feel bad for them.

Plus, how the fuck could you misuse Keith David like that?

The sequel’s even been pushed back till October, possibly because they’ve now seen some new stuff that they’d like to ape. Saints Row 2 is going to have a long hard road to struggle to show that it’s made big steps past the last game, but even still it’s doubtful that the student has become the teacher just yet.