STUDIO: Image Entertainment
MSRP: $14.98
Audio Commentary with Actress / Producer Tangi Miller
• Behind the Scenes footage
• Film Festival Tour
• Trailer

The Pitch

A TV Talk Show host has to get married before her grandmother dies.

The Humans

Tangi Miller, Flex Alexander, Essence Atkins, Tasha Smith, Marcus Patrick and Aloma Wright

No matter what I could say…it would be wrong.

The Nutshell

Love and Other Four Letter Words is a romantic comedy about finding love in the modern urban environment. TV talk show host Stormy Larue (Tangi Miller) is having to cope with the pending death of her Nana (Aloma Wright). Nana wants her favorite granddaughter to find happiness and marry a loving man. Stormy starts to panic and isn’t quite sure how to fulfill her dying grandmother’s request. So, she decides to fake a wedding to appease her.

The Lowdown

Love and Other Four Letter Words is your standard ethnic romantic comedy. It’s kind of funny that we’re able to break down genres that far. But, what sets this film apart from a Pretty Woman or a Runaway Bride? Well, Gary Marshall’s natural ability to suck shit through a straw for one. There’s also the likeability of a mainstream friendly lead actor and actress.

buffering…..getting CRUNK….buffering…22%….

Tangi Miller handles the film well, but she can’t save a failing supporting cast. I’d like to say that Scrubs star Aloma Wright fared well as the grandmother. But, the script gave her nothing. That’s not to say that it offered up a meaty role for Marcus Patrick or Essence Atkins. Everybody was meant to walk in front of the camera and spit their lines.

The film falters in its ability to make me care about the plot. Why should I give a shit whether or not the wedding goes off? What does Stormy Larue really learn about herself? Why do I feel the need to make this shit make sense to me? Justification for the generic is futile.

When I finished the film, I wandered where my time had gone. Does it go into that dank abyss where shit ideas like the ones for this film were spawned? Does it venture into purgatory with all the heathens that don’t support the troops? Honestly, I don’t care anymore. You beat my brain, African American romantic comedy. You beat my brain!

Principle Waters knew that they found the bodies of those Girl Scouts. But, she didn’t care. She was going to resign with style…then flee the country.

The Package

Love and Other Four Letter Words arrives on DVD with a rather lame release from the Image Entertainment Urban Collection. You get an audio commentary from the leads, plus some footage taken from the production. But, there’s nothing else. Everything that gets dotted onto those supplements plays as almost straight EPK material. There’s also a trailer.

The A/V Quality is pretty standard. It looks like an indie production shot on the cheap, but there’s no noticeable digital noise. The Dolby 5.1 and 2.0 tracks play well. You get a lot of action on the back end during crowd scenes. That’s pretty impressive for a smaller film like this.

If you pick this DVD up, you’ve got low standards. I’m not trying to shit on your Netflix queue or anything. It’s just that you could do better than this low-grade romantic comedy. I’m trying to be your friend here. You need friends, don’t you?

2.8 out of 10