The behind the scenes story of David O. Russell’s new film Nailed has been marked with multiple shut-downs and money woes. Now, production is set to resume thanks to an emergency cash infusion from Comerica Bank to Capitol Films. Everyone should be back to work tomorrow; hopefully the film will at least limp to the finish line.

The question, though, is ‘which finish line?’ The funds should see Nailed through principal photography, with three more weeks of shooting planned. But the film has to wrap by June 22 or face losing principal actors. And with unexpected costs associated with the shutdown, the money might not be enough to finish post-production.

All this has supposedly been enough to create the uncertain atmosphere Russell thrives on. Producer Matt Rhodes told THRDavid has been an absolute dream, literally the glue that’s held the film together,” which seems to mean no tantrums and no fights…at least since the one that cost the movie a Caan.