I’m coming to you semi-live from the set of Observe and
, Jody Hill’s follow-up to The Foot Fist Way starring Seth Rogen and Ray
Liotta. While we had a chance to talk with producer Donald De Line, who also happens to be producer on Green Lantern for Warner Bros.

First off, Green Lantern fans don’t need to worry – De
Line confirmed that Jack Black is no longer attached, and that this version
will not be comedic. He says that it’ll be the origin story of Hal Jordan, with
all the heroics and action inherent with that character.

They’re waiting for a first draft right now from writer
Greg Berlanti, 
and it sounds like De Line is hoping to have that soon. And in case you
had any doubt Justice League was dead, De Line said that Green Lantern‘s
development has been totally unaffected by that project – they haven’t seen a
script or talked to anyone about fitting in with that film.

Big thanks to the CHUD boys at home who are taking these
iPhone written dispatches and making them live.