GameTap is pretty much the only way I game on my PC anymore. The service just works so damn well and seamlessly, combining enough PC and console classics with a couple of the best original games around (Can you say Sam and Max?) to form the perfect solution for anyone who needs a quick gaming fix.

Today GameTap announced that it was expanding its partnership with Interplay, gaining the rights for some of their best titles for play both via the paid service and for download from their store. A few will also be available for play on GameTap’s free ad-based system, which now has over 100 free games, including some true classics like Psychonauts and 1942 (and Deus Ex on thursday!) These new (old) Interplay games will be hitting this summer.

What’s in store? Well, the service will be getting both Fallout games, Descent, and the incredibly underrated (where’s our next-gen update for that one?)  MDK along with more of their titles previously available on the service, such as Earthworm Jim. I’m hoping for Messiah, because even though I never really heard many good things about it, my poor computer could never handle the title after it was finally released.

Fallout is what you should most be excited about, though- as this will be an easy way to play the games and get caught up in time for Fallout 3 when it hits later this year. Because you all know you’re buying that one.

This piece may read like a commercial for the site, but really I can’t recommend them enough. Two seasons of Sam and Max makes it worth the price right there, but add all this other goodness and you’ve really got one of the best deals around for PC gamers. It’s nice to see it keep expanding like it is. Along with July’s American McGee’s Grimm and another upcoming season of Sam and Max(possibly early next year), it looks like the future’s pretty bright for them.