Moriarty at Aint It Cool News has just run a MAJOR spoiler for the ending of Terminator 4, one that, if you read it, will ruin the movie for you. And to the best of my knowledge it is 100% true.

What follows is spoilers.

Back when I broke the story about Marcus, the new major character, I
knew that he was a cyborg – human brain with a robot body (Mori’s
source indicates there’s more human to him than just brain, but brain
is what I heard). I knew that he was a death row inmate. I knew that he
was from the past. I kept that close to the vest in the interest of not
dropping huge spoilers.

The rest of Mori’s spoiler – about the fate of Christian Bale’s John
Connor – is stuff that I cannot confirm as solidly as Marcus the
cyborg, but is what I had come to believe after talking to multiple
sources. You may remember that I ran with the story that Bale would be
playing a Terminator… well, I was sort of right. The confusion arose
from the fact that by the end of the film, Connor is dead and Marcus,
the cyborg Terminator, is impersonating him. This all leads into the
thematic ground I told you about, the question of what makes someone a

Again, I can’t confirm that last part completely, but it gibes with
everything I have heard from multiple sources. I wasn’t sure if that
aspect was changing after the writer’s strike – Connor’s role has been
beefed up considerably since I first got my information – but assuming
that Moriarty’s source is talking about the latest drafts (and be aware
that he could be talking about the same drafts I was talking about six
or seven months ago, which may be very outdated at this point), this
spoiler is right on the money.

I’m actually in New Mexico right now, probably not far from the T4 set;
what I wouldn’t give to be on that stage and listening to how McG and
his producers are handling this. This is the Luke’s father of Terminator 4, that’s for sure. Moriarty just gave this film a real kick in the balls.