When you’re making a movie about stand up comics, it makes sense to cast stand-up comics. Which is why Judd Apatow is in talks with none other than Eric Bana to appear on his next, yet untitled, film (we told you the basic concept of this one, via MTV.com, yesterday).

Okay, to U.S. readers the very serious, often action-oriented Bana may be a weird choice, but those of you from Down Under will know that Bana actually started out as a very popular comic. I don’t know what his act was like, having never seen it (I like to imagine he had a puppet. Who was the guy who had the mildly retarded puppet with a football helmet? That shit made Comedy Central what it is today!), but he has the comedy background.

My source, known only as Zohan, says that Bana has been approached to play Clarke, Leslie Mann’s boyfriend. And of course casting Bana would be an incredible inside joke after the Munich shout-out in Knocked Up.