If you thought Bob Weinstein was going to call it quits on Halloween movies after Rob Zombie’s failed experiment in terror, then allow me to reintroduce you to the man who shamelessly milked The Prophecy franchise for four unforgettably forgettable sequels (hell, there may be a fifth sequel somewhere in the works starring Bokeem Woodbine and Amy Jo Johnson). Simply put: Bob makes horror films to make sequels.

So even though you hated the hell out of Rob Zombie’s Halloween, keep in mind that it still turned a sizable profit once it got done passing through the multitude of revenue windows (like the remnants of a Big Buford through John Goodman’s colon). And since it’s fucking Halloween, get ready for the first follow-up from… Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, the French dudes who assaulted you with À l’intérieur (aka Inside).

“Wait, weren’t those guys in charge of the Hellraiser revival?” Uh, yeah, actually. But they recently left the project for undisclosed reasons, and now they’d like to make their Murican-speakin’ debut with a sequel to quite possibly the most reviled horror remake in the history of the genre. That script for Hellraiser 2.0 must be genius! (Have no fear: Darren Lynn Bousman is now on the case.)

ShockTilYouDrop.com recently informed us that Bustillo and Maury were developing a second Frenchy horror flick titled Snow (with PG-rated hardcore killers?), so I don’t quite understand the appeal of squandering your “heat” on a sequel no one wants. Then again, Inside left me wondering if these two undeniably talented filmmakers are also kinda one-trick-ponies, so maybe this is their Sluizer moment. I hope these guys have more going on under the hood than gore for gore’s sake, but I’d happily trade them (or Xavier Gens) for another Bryan Bertino at this point.

As for Halloween 2, calls to Leo Rossi’s agent/manager/landlord went unreturned.