Much as Michael Bay will pummel you with quick cuts during the action in Transformers 2, we are pummeling you with new related to the movie. Here’s our third story in 24 hours! Stop me before I post again!

As you may have heard, Transformers 2 is kicking off filming in the town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, surely chosen for thematic reasons related to how Megan Fox’s character gives birth to a Vespa that is destined to end the Cybertron War*. Bay’s army of regularly screamed at minions have transformed a steel mill (one that is referenced or something in Billy Joel’s Allentown, according to our scooper Travis) into a ‘Chinese city.’ Unless Bay thinks the Chinese live in ductwork, I suspect this mill is standing in for a Chinese mill and not a whole city.

Anyway, Travis sent us the below photo of the Chinee writing on the steel mill, surely the most multi-cultural thing to happen in Bethlehem since that Muslim drove through the town on his way to anyplace the fuck outside of Pennsylvania back on Ought Five. I have a friend living in China who might be able to translate, and I’ve submitted this pic to his professional scrutiny; in the meantime, if you know the language of the Yellow Peril, please drop me an email (devin at and let me know what it says. Send all joking responses to russ at

Before I show you the picture, want to know what will happen at this Chinese facility? Travis’ mom tells him that they’re actually demolishing the plant, and that the Transformers 2 crew will be using that as a backdrop. I sort of doubt the veracity of this (sorry, Travis, I am sure your mother is an angel) simply because the local news reports – like this one – about the filming don’t mention any demolishing at all.

And now, the Chinese: