“…it was forty minutes of what you would call pornography, that I shot because I was able to shoot it. The guys in the bars were friends of mine.”

-William Friedkin, on the missing forty minutes fromĀ Cruising

This is really cool. William Friedkin was posed a question about James Franco’s Interior. Leather Bar. at a recent screening of Sorcerer (the restored cut is coming to blu-ray in April!) which allowed him the opportunity to talk about Cruising, a film that doesn’t get discussed nearly often enough. The clip is a little less than 10 minutes long and well worth watching to hear Friedkin politely avoid giving his opinion on Franco’s film before discussing the origins of his own. Origins that involve Steven Spielberg and real-life murders that have ties to The Exorcist. Yeah.

Major thanks to Martin and my friends at The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnight Cinema for hosting this in their Facebook group.