If you thought Michael Bay’s Transformers was excessive, the director has only one thing to say: Fuck you.

Bay and his team are upping the ante for the sequel, according to a post by Roberto Orci at Don Murphy’s message board. He says that there may be up to ten robots on either side of the battle in this film; for those of you who swallowed the small parts of your Transformers toys while growing up, that’s twenty robots.

Only a fool – A FOOL! – would doubt Bay’s ability to juggle this many robots and a coherent, character driven plot at the same time*, but the real question comes down to design. One of my complaints about the first film is that I just couldn’t tell who the hell was who half the time – the robots were overly busy looking and yet not individualized enough to tell apart. I thought that the obvious answer (and toy friendliest answer) would have been to give each robot a very hyper-designed weapon so as to give you a fighting chance at figuring them out. Maybe that’ll be the deal this time.

What Orci doesn’t say is if the long-rumored Constructicons count as one robot or multiple. God, I hate that my life involves speculating on this.

*Hi, I’m a fool.