Look, you can be sad that Yves Saint-Laurent died today (he’s the fancy fella who costumed Bernadette Peters in Heartbeeps), or you can be good and goddamn grateful that Michael Bay spared the life of Jazz aka The Black Autobot. The woods are dark, the sky still blue.

This blessed news comes courtesy of the munificent ComingSoon.net, which received a tip from a reader that a certain Pontiac Solstice was spotted on the set of Transformers 2 (currently shooting in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania). Okay, so the presence of the Pontiac Solstice itself doesn’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jazz – whose name is derived from an outmoded African-American style of music popularized during the 1980s by Pat Metheney – is back amongst the living. But what if I told you that voice actor Darius McCrary was spotted on set as well? In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? Huh? I’m so happy, I just lubricated my Levis!

Little is known about the plot for Transformers 2, but as long as the great and powerful Michael Bay can a) knock down twice as many skyscrapers, and b) keep the running time down to a manageable length, I’m all ’bout this shit.