Disney is planning a live-action Rescue Rangers movie, to one day distract you from thinking about your inevitable descent into decay. The film, which will feature a “live action/CG hybrid” will join the ranks of Garfield, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Yogi Bear as something that holds no nostalgic weight with its intended audience (babies who don’t wear shoes in public), but will probably be bright and colorful enough to keep them from learning to read for at least another hour and a half. Commercial director Robert Rugan pitched the film to Disney, fingers crossed behind his back, praying that no one in the room remembered G-Force.

The Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive article tells us, “…it tells an origin story of sorts.” This is good news for late twenty-somethings with DeviantArt accounts who always wondered where Chip found such a miniscule flight jacket and hat but no pants.