The new trailer for Resident Evil 5 hit today, and things are looking better and better.

We all knew the game looks phenomenal, but CHRIST. As any sane person knows, just taking Resident Evil 4 and updating it for the new systems would have been enough for Capcom… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But I like the little touches that are shown here… the flashlight, the new enemies, the way the sun-drenched landscape is completely different than the dark and dreary environments of the last few games.

The look of the new enemies is pretty creepy as hell, and this trailer gives us a few more glimpses at various other creatures, like zombie dogs, an updated version that classic Chainsaw guy with the Friday the 13th Part 2 sack on his head, and even a truck. There also appears to be a new, local character to fight by your side (and possibly play as?)

This is one of the best looking new titles coming out, by far… let’s just hope it can weather the storm of racial controversy that’s coming its way. They did the right thing by showing in this trailer that the Africans are, in fact, creatures… and you’ll also notice that a few seem to have a lighter complexion.

Now all we need is a release date…. let’s hope it makes it out by the end of 2008.