Ever since I saw Haute Tension, I’ve been a big admirer of director Alexandre Aja. Hell, I even thought (and I know many of you will want me executed for writing the following, especially Alex!) his remake of The Hills Have Eyes was superior to the original, something that’s rarely accomplished by a remake.

Aja’s been busy since his Hills redux; he co-wrote and co-produced  P2, and he’s been developing a remake of Piranha in 3-D. Furthermore, in the meantime, he’s been shooting a remake of the Korean film Into the Mirrors, which is simply titled Mirrors, that of which you can have your first look at below courtesy the cool dudes over at Arrow in the Head.

Set for release August 15/08, Mirrors revolves around disgraced police officer Ben Carson, played by Kiefer Sutherland. After being ostracized from the police force for a fatal shooting, Carson takes a night gig, working as a security guard at a local mall. Eventually, Carson becomes embroiled in a mystery, one involving the department store’s mirrors. Seems the pesky things are bringing out the worst in people.

Below, you can check out the first bit of behind-the-scenes footage from Mirrors, which will probably end up on the eventual DVD.