When I interviewed the guys from Foot Fist Way, co-writer and co-star Ben Best told me how Danny McBride had gotten cast in David Gordon Green’s All the Real Girls after someone else dropped out. That began a series of events that has led to McBride being poised to become one of Hollywood’s biggest comedy stars (or one of Hollywood’s cultiest comedy stars. It’s going one way or the other, but he’s going to be a star), and to McBride working with Green again on this summer’s funniest movie, Pineapple Express. McBride essentially steals that film, and Green, who has been known for his gritty indie films, proves that he has comedy chops.

So the news that they’re working together again is great. And the project is just so goddamned weird sounding that I am incredibly psyched. It’s a fantasy film called Your Highness, and McBride will play ‘an arrogant, lazy prince who must complete a quest to save his father’s kingdom.’ And this is old school questing; producer Scott Stuber tells Variety that it includes dragons and wizards.

The film, which is set up at Universal, was written by McBride and Ben Best. It looks like it’ll be Green’s next film, so it could get underway by the end of this year. It’s also going to mark McBride’s first starring role in a studio film – he’s starring in The Foot Fist Way opening this weekend, but that was a tiny, true indie that got picked up by Paramount Vantage.

The concept for Your Highness may sound a touch Shrek-ish, but when you have McBride, Best and Green working on the film… well, something good is certainly going to come out of this.