The teaser trailer for Kevin Smith’s next film, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, is live and loose and on the interwebs, and Mr. Smith himelf has said that it features no scenes from the actual movie. What this means, in a subtle way, is that Smith has finally let his actors free from the prison of his words. Yes, Zack and Miri has improv in it. Which you have to do when you have Seth Rogen as one of your stars. For those of you who don’t know, Smith has, historically, been one of those writer/directors who is painfully precious about every comma and semi-colon in his scripts. What that has meant is that while his scripts have often been undeniably funny, some actors have not come across all that well while trying to say his particular brand of popcult witty banter.

So the teaser: it’s Zack and Miri (Rogen and Elizabeth Banks) sitting in a theater auditioning talent for their porno. And it’s just these two actors going to town – mildly filthily – for a couple of minutes. And it’s funny. You can watch it below (or by clicking here if the embed doesn’t work); in the meantime I’m interested in seeing some footage that appears in the actual film.