Good Day!

Over the past ten years we’ve done dozens of drafts on this site through the message boards, the principal and almost annual standout being the Babe/Harem Drafts which have been the cornerstone. Speaking of… we’re due for one of them soon too.

But I don’t want our drafts to simply be about the message boards and hot broads [though we’ve done some other really fun drafts as well], but rather be about building something interesting that we can discuss and ruminate upon. And I want to have a really diverse group of participants. For example: YOU!

Hence this draft. I want the drafters (volunteer information to follow) to build a repertory company of living actors [men and women, you old fashioned dummy]  of the screen to serve as a cohesive, talented, diverse, and theoretically compatible group of performers. Not the prettiest. Not the most bankable. Not the ones with the most awards. Not the ones who you want to hang with.

Seven [yes it’s an odd number] performers who will deliver an amazing performance as a unit for whatever deed they’re asked to do in the line of their craft [and since this is a film site let’s pretend that they’ll be called upon to do a feature film every few months rather than deliver performances onstage]. Let’s say they’ll be doing five fictional movies over the course of a year.

A drama. Aqueduct of Tears
A comedy. Beer Battered Bedmates
A horror flick. The Warehouse
An action flick. Forty Second Fuse
A science fiction flick. Beyond Pluto

This is your stable. Make your decisions based on talent, ego, ability to improvise, appearance, chemistry, sex appeal, diversity, cultural influence, whatever you want. Choose only mustachioed performers if you like. Just do it with a plan and be prepared to explain your choices.

How this works is that we will have a group of exactly 25 participants. These will be chosen by myself and the draft commissioner from the submissions [the commissioner will be a volunteer with the time to help with this endeavor on the message boards and main site, if you fit the bill email me] based on their availability, willingness to provide some nice commentary for the main site for each of their choices in a CHUD blog [which we’ll provide and promote in each daily draft article on the site], and by the strength of their submission letter [which you’ll send using the link below].

It’s less complicated than it sounds.

The drafters will draft via email at their time slot and the choices will syndicate on CHUD and the message boards. All discussion will take place on the message boards with a daily draft article running on the site with the previous day’s choices, links to the pertinent blogs, and choice opinions from the message boards reprinted. I want this to be a nice big and interconnected affair and as a testament to that every draft participant will receive one of several DVDs as a prize and five of the most interesting message board folks who are active in the discussion will as well. Three [un]lucky folks will also win a t-shirt.

The draft will start two Mondays from now and run on weekdays until it’s complete. After which it might be fun to take some jabs at the final selections, have a vote on the best repertory company, come up with the premise for these fictional movies, and even make a couple of fake posters for the films. I guess it depends on how well it goes.

I’d love to involve other webmasters and websites, but you walk before you run I suppose. All I know is that my repertory company will be really, REALLY tough to beat.

Here’s what I need for your entry:

Your Name.
Your Message Board Handle [if you don’t have one, register here].
If you’ll be available to draft during weekdays as well as provide summaries of why you chose Performer X with each pick.
Why you’d be a great asset to the draft.
What the name of your Repertory Company will be.