I’m probably not alone in thinking that after Indy IV, Ray Winstone has some backlash to overcome. The ungainly-titled 44 Inch Chest may be his path back to acceptance; it’s a British flick about a “gangster (Winstone) who seeks revenge on his wife and [her] young French lover.” Though directed by feature newcomer Malcolm Venville, the script is by Sexy Beast writers Louis Melles and David Scinto. Sexy Beast having made a large contribution to Winstone’s current profile, this seems like a thing worth paying attention to.

Joining Winstone is fellow Beast vet Ian McShane and Lassie-like Crystal Skull searcher John Hurt. Tim Roth has been on board as well, and now Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Dillane, Joanne Whalley and Melvil Poupaud have signed on, too. Hurt plays a character named ‘Old Man Peanut’, and after Wilkinson’s scene-stealing in Michael Clayton he can do just about any damn thing he wants.

44 Inch Chest began filming this week and is now permanently on the radar, but a name change can only help.