Late last year, Shout! Factory announced that they would be releasing two of my all-time favorite werewolf films, Ginger Snaps and Dog Soldiers, under their Scream Factory label. I was beside myself, because these two gems really needed some love in the blu-ray department. Both of these collector’s editions will hit shelves this summer, with Dog Soldiers arriving on June 24. Now, we know what one of those discs will look like, and it’s pretty fucking great.

Today on their Facebook page, Scream Factory revealed this, from artist Nathan Thomas Milliner:


What do you guys think? I dig the hell out of it.

Scream Factory also announced that production has begun on the disc’s special features, which should definitely help supplement the Region 1 DVD’s paltry presentation. The final list of extras will arrive in April. That aside, the film really needs a new transfer, because the current 1080p transfer is dog shite.┬áCome on, Scream Factory. Don’t let us down.