It is amazing how dependent we are on technology. I mean we lose one piece of technology that we use on a daily basis and suddenly we are lost. I just so happen to lose my laptop and it was like my whole world collapsed. No blogging, no streaming movies, no music, and no writing. I can honestly say I stared at the walls wondering when I would be able to get on a computer again… so sad. Thankfully I finally got a computer to work on and in the immortal words of Sweeney Todd

“At last! My arm is complete again!”

Well while I was gone I didn’t spend all my time staring at walls fantasizing about the seductive internet. I watched movies and I mean tons of movies. Anyone who says this has been a bad year for movies has definitely spoken too soon. The fall has hit us with some great movies and if you look hard enough there were some that slipped by earlier in the year. I have made it a point of watching every film that has been nominated for a Golden Globe and it’s a tough year to call. Over the next few days I will be covering all those movies as well as other must sees. There will be adventures in NYC, 5 hour movies without peeing once, moments that made me scream, and snow storms a plenty. So stay tuned for my first review, Che (The Road Show Edition) by Steven Soderbergh.