Once upon a time, Ewan McGregor was a name worth paying attention to. His failures were at least frequently interesting and his name on a poster was a draw, not a detriment. Then Star Wars happened. Since he went all twisted in tribute to Alec Guinness, and sometimes just Guinness, if I recall a few Attack of the Clones scenes correctly, the man has barely made a movie worth watching. Motorcycles were apparently more interesting than scripts.

(Incendiary, which pairs McGregor in an adulterous relationship with Michelle Williams before her husband and child are killed by a suicide bomber, sounds interesting. That’s got no US distribution sorted yet.)

But now McGregor has signed on to Amelia, Mira Nair’s Amelia Earhart biopic, where he’ll work alongside Hilary Swank (as Earhart) and Richard Gere. He will play Gene Vidal, progenitor of author Gore Vidal, a name most recognize but few have actually read. The actor also has I Love You, Philip Morris coming up (perhaps good) as well as Angels & Demons. (Not so good.) I’d like to say things are looking up.