I’m in humid New Orleans visiting the set of Cirque du Freak, Paul
Weitz’s adaptation of the popular kid’s book series, and I got quite a
surprise when I arrived – Willem Dafoe is in this movie!

The rest of the cast – which includes John C Reilly, Ray Stevenson,
Patrick Fugit and Salma Hayek as a bearded woman – was known, but Dafoe
hadn’t been announced.

I don’t want to give away what Dafoe’s character does in the movie, but
I will say that he’s once again playing a vampire (quite a dapper, old
Hollywood looking one). This makes vamp number three, after Schreck in
Shadow of the Vampire and a role in Daybreakers.

I can’t spill much more about the film or the visit, but I can say that
John C Reilly, in full vampire gear, seriously showing off Chest
Rockwellesque karate moves is one of my career highlights.