UPDATE FROM DEVIN: The good news is that tickets are quickly selling out. The bad news is that if you don’t get one soon, you’ll miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. There are less than 60 tickets remaining for this screening and Q&A (which, I should mention, will likely be attended by some interesting people from the movie industry), so click the link below and buy your ticket NOW before it’s too late!

No one reading this site should require additional incentive to attend a screening of Blade Runner: The Final Cut (presented in brilliant 2K digital projection!) on the backlot where the film was shot over twenty-five years ago. But I’m going to give you some.

The name Paul Prischman should be familiar to anyone who owns the Alien Quadrilogy, the Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut, Gladiator: Extended Edition and, of course, Blade Runner: Ultimate Collector’s Edition. That those packages grace your DVD shelf at all is a testament to the tireless work put in by Paul, who, as Charles de Lauzirika’s associate producer, struggled through countless hours of wrangling with studio legal departments, coordinating talent for commentary tracks, chasing down archival footage because Paramount doesn’t believe in film history… and so on. All to give you a generous sampling of special features that aren’t just a series of talking heads mindlessly spewing forth EPK-level insights.

Giving is a habit for Paul. Since I met him in 2003, he’s given me tremendous access to great filmmakers like Ridley Scott, an exclusive screening of Kingdom of Heaven‘s Director’s Cut at the best theater in Los Angeles (replete with a Ridley Scott/William Monahan Q&A!), and, most importantly, a design for succeeding in Hollywood without sacrificing one’s principles. Paul’s one of the most honorable people I’ve ever known. And now he needs your help.

Several months ago, a tumor the size of a golf ball was discovered in Paul’s brain stem. On March 18th, the tumor was successfully extracted. A week later, the pathology revealed that Paul had Grade 4 brain cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme).

Because this is a very fast growing form of cancer, Paul is currently fighting through an aggressive radiation/chemo regimen. The severity of this treatment has slowed his recovery from the initial procedure, which has therefore left him unable to work. And while Paul is fortunate enough to have health insurance, his plan doesn’t begin to cover the myriad medical expenses his illness is incurring. Words can’t begin to express the toll – both financial and emotional – that this is taking on his wonderful wife Cristin and two daughters.

Thus, Paul’s Brain Trust: an impassioned effort from people who, like me, have been the beneficiaries of Paul’s generosity over the years and want desperately to give a little something back (you’ll notice that the page is housed at Bill Hunt’s venerable The Digital Bits). The venture is in its early days, but, if you go poking around the site, you’ll see that a number of eBay auctions are being planned. I happen to know about a few of the items going up for grabs, and, trust me, if you’ve any interest in movie memorabilia, get ready to bid and bid again.

But let’s concentrate on what you can do now. For starters, there’s the 2K Blade Runner: The Final Cut screening on June 14th, 2 PM at Warner Brothers’ Stephen J. Ross Theatre featuring a post-film Q&A with Ridley Scott (and TBA cast & crew). If you missed the film’s brief re-release last fall, you’re in luck because this is one of the finest theaters in the country; a better presentation of this landmark film just isn’t possible. Throw in the fact that the theater is situated right next to the very backlot on which the film was shot over twenty-five years ago, and, really, who needs to see C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate? There will also a walking tour hosted by an as-yet-unrevealed tour guide who kinda sorta worked on the film. Only ten passes are being auctioned off for that sucker; for Blade Runner fans, this is once-in-a-lifetime stuff.

And this magnificent event is only happening because we love our Paul. So, please, click over to his website and get to know him, and his wonderful family, better. You’ll also find a variety of donation options, so don’t feel left out if you can’t attend the screening – though we’d love to see you there!