I think Quentin Tarantino has his proposed WWII movie Inglorious Bastards confused with Candyman. That is, if he says the title enough, the finished film might just appear, like, magically. (Tony Todd optional. But recommended.) The most recent public utterance of the title took place while QT was being fawned upon at a Cannes talk show, as noted on JoBlo.

“The next movie I’m doing is my WWII movie; I actually just finished the first draft of the script, and when I go home I”ll be finishing it up. If all goes well, I’ll be here in 2009, Cannes, with my movie Inglorious Bastards!” Hear it for yourself here, at about the 10:20 mark.

Continue listening for some ever so slightly disingenuous comments about QT’s devotion to the ‘blank page’ as a writer and starting from scratch when writing a movie. Perhaps he’s using those terms as loosely as the notion of a ‘first draft’. This must be the third or fourth first draft of Inglorious Bastards, which has been the subject of Tarantinowatch for many years. I want to believe it this time, but for this to come true, Tarantino must have spent the last few years leaning how to warp time and space. How else can he revise, cast, shoot and edit his long-gestating war flick to debut a year from now?

EDIT: One way we could see QT hit Cannes with this movie next year is if he chooses not to work with the Weinstein brothers and takes a completed script with cast commitments to the fest as part of a sales package. That would be an unlikely (and in all likelihood unnecessary) but interesting piece of showmanship.