Zack Snyder would like to welcome you back from a long Memorial Day weekend with a peek at The Minutemen. In the Watchmen universe, these are the classic heroes who fought crime and upheld the American Way…in all its many forms. They’re also the characters profiled in Under The Hood, the DVD extra to the feature-length DVD extra Tales of the Black Freighter.

As with the last batch of character images from the film, I’m torn. On one hand, this is a detail-perfect recreation of Dave Gibbons’ original rendering of the team in the graphic novel. On the other, it looks a bit ridiculous. The characters in Watchmen really highlight a comic book-specific version of the Uncanny Valley, where the closer drawn costumes get to real fabric and material, the less realistic they actually look. I have no idea how to actually read this photo without seeing them in motion.

AICN has the exclusive pic; check out the full frame there.