Film Weekend Per Screen Total (through Monday)
1 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the $101,000,000 $23,708 $151,081,000
2 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian  $31,200,000 (-39.1%) $7,510 $96,687,000
3 Iron Man $23,032,000 (-58.2%) $5,862 $257,817,000
4 What Happens in Vegas $9,000,000 (-35.2%)  $2,823 $56,396,000
5 Speed Racer $3,975,000 (-51.0%) $1,277 $37,418,000
6 Made of Honor   $3,350,000 (-28.8%) $1,399 $39,861,000
7 Baby Mama $3,324,000 (-29.0%)  $1,540 $53,026,000
8 Forgetting Sarah Marshall  $1,752,000 (-37.1%) $1,625 $58,728,000
9 Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay $940,000 (-52.9%) $1,253 $36,193,000
10 The Visitor $723,000 (+7.5%) $2,677 $4,568,000

This just in: It’s late May and pourting like Chocolate Rain in London. Suck me, beautiful.

While fans either indulged in Indy IV or wholy rejected it, it doesn’t matter because people needed to have an opinion and the weekend was long. As Lucas, Spielberg and Ford don’t see dime one until the film hits $400, considering the film is over $270 internationially already, that should not be a problem. But post holiday weekend, the film should take a strong plunge considering the audience who would go back again and again is likely to not as much. With the three day at $101, a 50-60% drop should help get Sex and the City to #1. I’m of the doom and gloom set, so I’ll suggest a 55% drop to cut my worse instincts. A 35% drop is out of the question, simply because of the holiday weekend, so even though I’m not the world’s biggest fan; the best it can do is a little over $50.

Dear sweet baby Jesus dipped in Sangria and served with a side of Kimchi, Prince Caspian is not finding much of an audience. Along with Speed Racer - which really curbed itself – that’s a pretty big misfire. Hopefully, that international gross is enough to make it not a money loser. Still, ouch.

Iron Man is still cruising, but will take a sizable hit next weekend, when it crests over $270. We’re getting into the period where Paramount will have to start muscling to get it to $300, but they could get it there. If Indy‘s drop off is immediate, it’s likely the summer’s best chance for getting to the three ring circus of the summer, unless The Dark Knight really is that good.

Hey, did you know other films are playing?

What Happens in Vegas is still making money. Just, fyi.

Next weekend we get two horror films. Should be interesting.