When I started writing this story a few minutes ago, I was just going to embed IGN’s pretty nifty exclusive clip from The Incredible Hulk and leave it at that.

Then I got an email from our valued reader Brian Henne, who pointed me to two other snippets at MTV and Yahoo! Movies. I don’t know if there are more clips on the way (hell, maybe Devin has one comin’ from the kind and tolerant folks at Universal); if there are, I’ll link them here. But for now, let’s get one thing clear: that forty-two-second Yahoo! bit has erased any doubt from my mind regarding The Incredible Hulk. Getting to see Ol’ Greenskin pound Abomination into the street with two halves of a police car… that just makes me giddy. I love it. More, please!

Looks like Universal is eager for us to know they’ve got the goods comin’ on June 13th. Finally, I believe them.