It’s been a long while since John Carpenter fans have had anything to hoot and holler about. The last time Carpenter had anything in theaters was Ghosts of Mars, and that was a hefty seven years ago; however, it’s been even longer since Carpenter has cranked out what some would consider a true horror classic. Many feel, myself included, In the Mouth of Madness was his last great work of horrific art, but that’s debatable…and another article.

Don’t get me wrong, gang, I’m a HUGE John Carpenter fan! No one wants to see this legendary filmmaker knock another one out of the park more than I do; Halloween, Escape from New York, The Thing, and The Fog are classics. I have their posters proudly adorning the walls of my office. It’s a tough job for any filmmaker to create what many consider a classic, and Carpenter’s filmography is something any would-be writer/director should aspire by.

If you’re like me, however, and you’re dying to see another Carpenter classic on the big screen, you’re in luck…sort of; The American Cinematheque is paying tribute to Carpenter this coming June, showcasing a bunch of his classics. The only stipulation, though, is you have to live in or around the Los Angeles area to see them, or at the very least have the means to get there on the specified dates.

Screenings of Carpenter’s work are as follows:

Friday, June 13 – The Thing & The Fog @ 7:30 pm.

Saturday, June 14 – Escape from New York & Escape from L.A. @ 7:30 pm.

Sunday, June 15- Halloween & Christine @ 7:30 pm.

Wednesday, June 18- Big Trouble in Little China & Assault on Precinct 13 @ 7: 30 pm.

In the meantime, enough with working in television, John! Get back to doing what you do best on the big screen! You’ve been away too long!