Dern_wrap1The scripts for Quentin Tarantino films inevitably leak out shortly after completion, so we currently hover in the brief realm that sits between “knowing nothing” and “pretty much knowing all the stuff.” This is especially true with Tarantino looking at a summer start date for shooting.

At present, we can say with certainty that Hateful Eight is Tarantino’s next film and his first true Western (Django is a “Southern”). It will feature a big role for Christoph Waltz for sure, and our first rumor is that Bruce Dern may be up for a significant part as well. Dern is on a bit of a high with the awards-buzzing¬†Nebraska, and for good reason- he’s absolutely amazing in it. Dern popped up in one brief, ugly flashback in Django too, so it would be a natural move for Tarantino to loop him into a larger part.

Beyond that is only the wildest speculation that the title Hateful Eight is an implicit reference to¬†Magnificent Seven (which yeah, it totally is), so perhaps it’s working in a similar genre. Also important to note: By the strictest count, it will be Tarantino’s eighth film.

Deal with it.

Source | A/V Club