To say that the editors of this site (myself excluded as I haven’t seen it) have been preaching the gospel of The Foot Fist Way would be an accurate statement and if they’re correct it will indicate that it and its star Danny McBride are something you’re going to want to make time for.

For some reason Raleigh is the city we’re currently slated to do a screening for here in the Southeast so until I hear differently, she’s all yours you crazy college kids and cigarette manufacturers!

I don’t want to make it difficult for you, so if you live in or near Raleigh and want to make this a gangbusters screening, USE THIS LINK and give us your name and address and we’ll try and get a pass to you pronto. The same goes for your crazy friends. It’d be great to see your town become a hellhole if but for a day.

And read Devin’s interview, willya?