I saw an episode of Californication, the first one, and never got around to seeing another episode but apparently I should have. It’s building a nice audience and is coming back for another season. Now the DVD is upon us. Good for David Duchovny. The guy is too much fun and too good to just be Fox Mulder or Mr. Tea Leoni to the general public.

Plus, he gets to frolic with various and sundry gorgeous women here. Tough gig.

We have a handful of these DVDs for lucky Chewers who enter the contest, follow the rules, and are picked by yours truly based on the merit of their answers, and blind chance. Here’s the questions, and please include your mailing address in your entry:

1. What’s the best off the radar cable show? For example: The Sopranos isn’t off the radar.

2. On a scale of 1 – 10, what’s your excitement level for the new X-Files movie?

3. How do you surf this site? Main page bookmark, RSS feed, or some other arcane method?

4. This is the origin of the term Californication. So now you know this isn’t based on a Chili Peppers tune. Satisfied?