I’m going to pretend that when Simon Pegg tells IGN that he’s just co-written a screenplay (with the dapper Nick Frost) about “two British comic book geeks that get into an adventure across America”, he really means “we’re doing a big nerdy redo of Lost in America. Every movie just sounds better when you compare it to an Albert Brooks movie that isn’t The Muse (yeah, I’ve got love for Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World).

Otherwise, Pegg is being incredibly stingy on details for what they’re currently calling Paul; in fact, it isn’t entirely clear from IGN’s story if Pegg and Frost are going to star in the movie. What is clear: Edgar Wright will not be directing. Who’s stepping in then? Pegg ain’t sayin’, but he promises that it’s “someone really cool” – to which I say that I’ve always wanted to see Lamberto Bava try comedy. Intentional comedy.

Pegg and Frost are hoping to shoot Paul later this year or early next. He also gave up a brief piece of news to IGN regarding The World’s End (aka the final installment of the Pegg/Frost/Wright trilogy), but I’ll let you read that over there since it’s all exclusive and shit. Seriously, after the geek civil war that inadvertently got touched off by our pals at Latino Review and Collider demanding fair attribution from the trades, I’m afraid to report on anything that doesn’t originate with CHUD anymore.

Addendum: According to BBC Newsbeat, the main characters are named Graham and Clive. Oh, and there’s a third passenger. Thanks to reader, colleague, and all-around mensch Russ Fischer for passing this along.