Good on Universal for buying Hellboy II some ad time during Wednesday night’s finale of American Idol! And better on them for dazzling the Cook v. Archuleta crowd with such a well-cut spot!

Unlike Devin and Nick, I can’t assure you that Hellboy II: The Golden Army delivers the goods because I’ve seen the damn movie!!! I can only assure that it’ll cock-strangle you with greatness because it’s Guillermo del Toro, and he’s got a blood-splattered contract with Old Scratch that prohibits him from churning out less-than-awesome product. Sure, it’s gonna be a scorching stay in eternity for GdT, but that’s between him and his evil, horned, Tim Curry-sounding overlord.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army will drink your bathwater on July 11th. If you live in the United States. The rest of y’all will have to suffer through a slow international roll-out (the UK doesn’t get the film until August 22nd).

(Thanks to readers Brian Henne and Shawn Lewis for passing this along.)